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Search for Great Talent


Search for Great Talent 

Putting the candidate experience first.

Recruiting should be about more than just finding the right person for the job. It should also be about creating a positive and memorable experience for candidates. That's why we take the time to understand your culture and the types of talent that will thrive there. We call this approach "Candidate Karma©." 

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When we put the candidate experience first, it pays back our clients in dividends. We help you find top talent who are excited to join your organization and who will be loyal employees from day one.

Key Components

Understand Your Culture
Understand Your Culture
We know that every organization is unique and that the right match for one company may differ from another. That's why we take the time to understand your culture and the types of talent that will thrive there.
Build Candidate Relationships

Build Candidate Relationships 

The best way to find top talent is to build relationships with candidates. We do this by getting to know them, understanding their goals, and helping them find the right opportunity.
A Memorable Experience
A Memorable Experience
The hiring process can be stressful for candidates. That's why we strive to provide a positive and memorable experience for everyone involved.  We communicate clearly, update candidates on their status, and ensure they feel valued and respected.

Candidate Experience Sequence

Recruitment Process + Experience
Wide Funnel + The Cultural Add

We leverage over 300 diversity board sources to find the talent that will add to your culture and capability.


Jobs are distributed through hundreds of job boards.


Recruitment marketing campaigns available.

Provide Market Insights

We leverage our tools with Payfactors, Clara, and ERI to get a deep understanding of the candidate market with rich data behind us to support better decision-making throughout the selection process. 

Our Sourcing Intelligence

Leading recruitment and sourcing technology platforms and our curated Talent Community of exceptional professionals.

Candidate Assessment + Client Feedback

Present a diverse candidate slate.


Weekly updates and an opportunity for real-time feedback.


We leverage your existing assessment tools and provide options for another tool to use in the hiring process. 

Candidate Onboarding

We work alongside you to welcome them into your organization for a seamless experience for you and the new hire.

Putting the Candidate

Experience First 

Talent as a Service (TaaS)

Fully dedicated monthly support from our team to support:  

Talent Acquisition:  

  • Job posting  
  • Source diverse candidates to widen the funnel  
  • Partner with hiring managers to provide ease of candidate feedback  
  • Conduct interviewing and provide interview evaluation tools  
  • Facilitate pre-employment assessments  

Talent Strategy:  

  • Overall Talent Acquisition strategy  
  • Identification of new recruitment channels  
  • Remote talent strategy  
Talent Brand:
  • Recruitment Marketing  


  • Fee-based search with project recruiting solutions  
  • People, HR, Talent + Marketing-focused expertise

Retained Search

  • Executive Search  
  • Dedicated Recruiter  
  • Candidate Intelligence  
  • Role Marketing  
  • Weekly Candidate Submits

RPO Partnership with WilsonHCG

  • Global RPO Partner for High-Volume Enterprise

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If you're looking for a recruiting partner who will put your candidates first, we are here to help. Uncover how we can help you find the best talent for your organization.

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