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humanlyX: Cultivate a Human Centered Workplace

Data that tells the true story of your organization. 

If your organization is ready to appraise the humanness of your current workplace, our humanlyX survey is your solution. humanlyX is our internal data analytics lab compiling and analyzing the data that digs into the business of being human. At livingHR, we understand the importance of creating a work environment that is supportive, engaging, and satisfying for employees. That's why we offer humanlyX, a comprehensive survey, research, and data analytics platform designed to assess the humanness of your workplace, identify areas of strength and improvement, and provide actionable recommendations tailored to your organization's unique challenges and needs. 

Our survey is administered online and includes a range of products covering topics such as onboarding, compensation, communication, and feedback. We also offer interactive data cut options to help you identify specific issues by location, employee demographics, and other factors. Our team will work with you to review our question set, determine how the survey will be administered, and develop a communications plan to ensure high levels of participation. We are committed to providing you with the support and guidance you need throughout the process to make work better for humans.

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If you're ready to take the next step in creating a more human workplace, contact us today to learn more about the humanlyX survey and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Key Components

Actionable Data
Actionable Data 
We provide actionable data that tells the true story of your organization across demographics, departments, etc. This data helps to identify areas where your organization is doing well and areas where there is room for improvement to help make better decisions.
User Friendly
User-Friendly Reporting  
Our user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to understand your data. The dashboard can be customized to your organization's specific needs, so you can quickly get to the heart of your talent challenges.
Meaningful Results
We provide you with meaningful results displayed on an easy-to-use dashboard. Using the data extracted, we are able to make actionable recommendations based on research and understanding. 

What This Looks Like in Practice: 

Pulse Surveys

Allow the opportunity to check in with employees and get a pulse on their experience to identify what is going well, what can be done better, and continue attracting and keeping great talent. More frequent check-ins can help identify successful initiatives or areas of focus earlier, allowing leadership more agility in addressing concerns or identifying successes.

Dashboard + Report

Live reporting for tracking response rates and interactive dashboards with filtering and drill-down capabilities to help you cut and analyze data the way you need. The livingHR team will also build custom reports, help you understand the story the data is telling, and recommend taking back control of the narrative with a strategy roadmap.

Culture Assessment

Identify what is going well and what can be improved to ensure the organization's culture continues to facilitate impactful work and a meaningful employee experience.

Candidate and Employee Experience Survey

Gain an in-depth understanding of how things are going from the perspective of your candidates and employees in a way that produces actionable data through meaningful questions.

Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Survey

Gain an understanding of the organization's unique challenges and opportunities so every employee can feel wholly appreciated, accepted, and valued and drive social change from within.

Remote Work Readiness Survey

Identify what is going well and what can be improved to ensure employees have the support and resources they need to continue to succeed during a time when work and personal lives blend like never before.

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