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Humanized Workplace Diagnostic


Humanized Workplace Diagnostic 

Quickly identify workplace strengths, opportunities, and solutions.

It's often difficult to quickly uncover which parts of the employee experience journey are winning or losing. That's where our team and the Humanized Workplace Diagnostic come in to do the heavy lifting. Our consulting experts specialize in diagnosing and improving the employee experience journey. Using the Humanized Workplace Diagnostic, we can help you identify which parts of the employee journey are successful and which areas need improvement.  

Once these areas are identified, our consulting experts can design candidate and employee experiences that help facilitate great work and high performance. 

Alex and Kelli at Leadership Offsite

Our approach can lead to a more engaged and productive workforce, which can ultimately benefit both the employees and the organization as a whole.

Key Components

Comprehensive Overview
Comprehensive Overview

Our comprehensive overview provides a snapshot of your organization's strengths, opportunities, and barriers to change in all areas related to creating a healthy organization:

  • Strategy + Structure 
  • Talent Experience and Journey 
  • DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) 
  • Leadership Mindset  
  • Work/Life Integration 
  • Culture + Talent Brand 
Accelerated Process
Accelerated Process
Our accelerated process gets you the detailed information you need quickly.
Virtual Deployment
Virtual Deployment
Our virtual deployment allows you to access all aspects of our program and is designed for organizations of all levels.

Diagnosing Your Organization


Review documents through our Document Discovery process, including policies, handbooks, benefits guides/materials, written information on culture, past surveys (as available), etc. Gain insight into how work gets done, what it feels like to work there, and if any compliance items stand out. Learn about the HR Function programs and processes to map the talent experience (Attract, Hire, Performance, Learning, Development, Rewards, and Transition/Exit), review compliance, conduct systems review, and understand general HR practices. Provide a summary of strengths and opportunities as well as a prioritization roadmap to inform our Dedicated Resource Model of support.

Immersion Exercises

Conduct immersion exercises such as applying for jobs, onboarding, learning programs, etc. 

Culture Walk

Hold a culture walk to uncover rituals, cues, and indicators of what it is like to work at the organization.

Customized Insights Survey

Complete a customized insights survey to learn about employee experiences and the organization's unique culture.

Compliance Review

Compliance Review with Think HR Compliance Assessment.

Focus Groups

Conduct interviews/focus groups to capture insights from the following:  

  • Executive Leadership: Up to two (2) hours  
  • Management: Up to two (2) hours, recommend 15 participants  
  • Employee Groups: Up to two (2) hours, recommend 15 participants 
  • Key Stakeholder Group

Executive Summary

An executive summary provides detailed insights on:

  • Strengths and Gap Analysis 
  • Barriers to Change 
  • Recommendations to improve systems, culture, HR Practices, and employee experience 
  • Prioritization Timeline 
  • Change Management + Communications Plan 

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