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HQ Leader


HQ Leader: Modern Leadership 

A modern, humanized leadership development series for leaders at all levels.

HQ Leader = emotional intelligence (EQ) + culture intelligence (culture competence, inclusivity) + digital intelligence (DQ) 

Leadership capabilities have evolved over time. While traditional leadership traits like strong decision-making, communication skills, and strategic thinking are still essential, modern leadership also requires a more nuanced set of capabilities. 

We have developed a new approach to leadership development that we call Human Intelligence Leader (HQ Leader). It is the result of a humanized equation© that helps today's businesses develop the capabilities they need in this constantly evolving digital landscape. It also helps businesses cultivate an atmosphere of growth, inclusion, and inspiration for their people. 

Modern leadership capabilities require leaders who are HQ. HQ leaders understand human behavior and recognize that a sense of purpose and shared values can inspire individuals to do great work and achieve remarkable outcomes.  

HQ leaders are also digitally fluent and know how to leverage technology and humans for the creative and innovative beings that we are. Digital fluency refers to the ability to leverage technology and human creativity to drive innovation and growth.

livingHR Backpack

Modern leaders must understand how to harness the power of technology to enhance productivity, collaboration, and communication while also recognizing the importance of human skills like creativity, empathy, and critical thinking.

Key Components

Customizable Learning Paths
Customizable Learning Paths
We'll help you define your team's capabilities and fully customize the program to fit your company, team, and culture.
Actionable and Applicable
Actionable and Applicable
Participants can apply what they learn, create connections, and uncover their best leadership style through hands-on learning with collaborative exercises, post-work and pre-work, and capstone projects.

HQ Modern Leadership Programming

  • Determine if leveraging one of our assessment tools or your own would be a positive place to start for participant self or team discovery. 
  • Conduct a learning needs analysis or gather insights from key stakeholders based on business information, strategic and operational priorities, and culture considerations to determine which modules will build your team's capabilities to execute strategic priorities. 
  • Customize modules to incorporate relevant exercises that apply to your organization. 
  • Draft an outline of a capstone project, incorporating all learning principles as identified, tying to a true business need. 
  • Pre + post work provided for all modules.
  • Approximately 90 minutes per workshop, with a recommended 15 – 20 participants per session but configurable based on complexity, size, and need.

Program Content + Topics:

Foundation: The Groundwork

Influence + High-Functioning Teams

  • Self-reflection on leadership style
  • Steps to creating a high-functioning team
  • Identifying signs/knowing what to do when the team isn't high-functioning 
  • Foundational Leadership skills and modern skills all leaders need, including empathy, collaboration, authenticity, and communications
  • Why leadership roles matter
  • Understanding influence
  • Fixed vs. Growth mindset

Culture + Brand Stand

  • Defining culture and brand stand, and the impact of success of each
  • Understanding your role as a leader in culture
  • Identifying the levers and inputs of a culture of belonging
  • Understanding and defining culture
  • Leadership roles in culture
  • Belonging and Inclusion
  • Brand and Talent Brand Alignment 
  • Spotting signs of toxic cultures

Strategy + Planning

  • Aligning business strategy with people strategy
  • Become a more agile and adaptable leader
  • Learning how to leverage technology to become a better leader
  • Creating HQ focused business strategy
  • Bringing company vision to life
  • Making purposeful business decisions
  • Scaling and maintaining HQ leadership culture
  • Adaptable and agile leadership
  • Defining and building OKRs

Trust + Transparency

  • Building skills for trust and transparency development
  • How to maintain trust with your team (especially in difficult times)
  • Recognizing signs of mistrust and its impact
  • Defining trust + transparency, and how they're connected
  • Trust-building skills + toolkits
  • Knowing your role in trust and transparency
  • Human psychology of trust 
  • What gets in the way of trust
  • Words matter: knowing when and how to communicate transparently


  • Guiding leaders to be able to help the team work through conflict 
  • Tools to handle conflict in reality
  • Embracing the good that can come from conflict and personal growth
  • Roles in conflict
  • Toxic vs. positive conflict
  • Conflict real-play exercises
  • Conflict approach tools
  • Approaching conflict virtually

Ownership + Decision-Making for Humans

  • Understanding types of decision making
  • Guiding leaders to empower team in decision making
  • Applying decision making skills to larger scale + decision making toolkit
  • Ownership vs. Accountability
  • Understanding Empowerment
  • Types of decision-making by level and complexity
  • Communication skills for decision making

Humanize The Work

Inclusion + Voice

  • Labeling vs Intersectionality​
  • Inclusion + Bias​
  • Belonging​
  • Amplify Voice + Allyship + Advocacy ​
  • Culture Competence ​
  • Macro and Micro-aggressions

Opportunity, Reward, Equity

  • Hiring opportunities
  • Access to Opportunity ​
  • Access to Equity + Reward


  • Valuing Time and Talent​
  • Intentionality and Personalization​
  • Defining your purpose
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Developing and communicating brand stand


  • Whole-person wellbeing in the workplace​
  • Spotting signs of burnout, in-person and remotely​
  • Burnout prevention + hidden cues​
  • Leader to Employee Conversations for Wellbeing, including exercise​
  • Recovering from burnout

Feedback + Appreciation

  • Know Thy Person​
  • Act as a Personalized Coach
  • Access to opportunity + development
  • Appreciation ​
  • Feedback ​
  • Development Dialogues (virtual vs. in-person)​

Ownership + Decision-Making for Humans

  • Understanding types of decision making
  • Guiding leaders to empower team in decision making
  • Applying decision-making skills to larger scale + decision-making toolkit
  • Ownership vs. Accountability
  • Understanding Empowerment
  • Types of decision-making by level and complexity
  • Communication skills for decision making

Mindset + Skillset

Embrace Humility + Authenticity

  • Bringing your whole self to work​
  • Why authenticity matters + how to build for yourself and others​
  • Why humility is a superpower

Growth Mindset

  • Embracing feedback
  • How to coach for a growth mindset
  • Building a foundation of trust ​

Resilient + Adaptable

  • Characteristics of resilient + adaptable leaders
  • Fostering Individual Resilience for Organizational Resilience
  • Appling resiliency + adaptability in crisis, change management, and scenario planning
  • Realistic resilience

Human-Centered Thinking

  • Empathy + Metaperceptions 
  • Emotional Self-awareness
  • Social awareness + hierarchy of needs
  • Relationship building
  • Applying to a complex + digital work

Innovation and Creativity

  • Avoiding “groupthink"
  • Encouraging and supporting your team in challenging the status quo​
  • Ways to drive innovation within team​
  • Creating environment that foster innovation + creativity
  • Cross functional collaboration, project teams, etc. ​
  • Preventing silos + fostering communication​
  • Build muscle to increase creativity to become easier to access and use over time​

The Business

  • Making decisions as an HQ leader​
  • Aligning business strategy with people strategy​
  • Become a more agile and adaptable leader​
  • Learn how to leverage technology to become a better leader

Digital Fluency

  • Embracing technology to elevate the team/individual​
  • Impact on diversity (i.e., gender equality, ablism, agism)​
  • Understanding how technology impacts the workplace (efficiency, saving time and money)
  • User interface design –makes things human centered
  • Impact on business bottom line

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