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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB)

Creating an inclusive environment.

livingHR believes everyone should have access to opportunities and know what it feels like to belong. Belonging and celebrating our whole selves has been woven into our Culture Code as an organization since 2009. We believe that in order to support belonging, we must use our voices to advocate for everyone in all groups, races, abilities, identities, genders, religions, and backgrounds.

Group of 5 livingHR Team Members

Showing Up for Our People

Humanized Benefits to Support Our Diverse Team 

We weave DEIB into the fabric of our culture, and one of the most important ways we do that is through the benefits we offer our employees. We believe that everyone deserves to have access to the benefits they need to thrive, regardless of their background or identity.


Benefit Plan Options

Benefit plan options that include gender-affirming care and domestic partnership eligibility

Mental Health Care

Company paid access to mental health care


Family and Caregiver Leave + Parental Leave

Emergency Fund

The Family Emergency Fund: A trust-based fund available to all W-2 employees for unexpected healthcare expenses, caregiver gaps, or temporary lodging expenses due to any crisis not covered by other benefits or insurance 


Unlimited PTO with a 3-week minimum to counteract the research done that shows unlimited PTO encourages less time off


WFW – Work from Wherever

Living Into Our Actions + Commitments

CEO Action Pledge

CEO Action Pledge

Our CEO signed the pledge, committing to take action to create more inclusive workplaces for all employees.

DEIB Social Calendar

DEIB Holiday + Content Calendar

We created this resource to highlight a collection of celebrations and observances, recognize various holidays, and provide ways to celebrate them. Start learning with your own copy.

DEIB Partnerships

DEIB Partnerships

We work with diversity and bias-awareness tech partners to enable our hiring teams to make more inclusive and equitable hiring decisions.

Humans for Humans

Humans for Humans

Our virtual space for the team to connect, discuss, share vulnerably, and offer support on DEIB topics and issues.

livingHR Digital Inclusion Guide

livingHR Digital Inclusion Guide

The digital space isn't always inclusive, whether it be the representation we see in imagery, the language used, the color contrasts in design, or even how we write #HashTags. Our team created a guide for navigating the digital space to show up with an inclusive step forward.



We are committed to continuously improving demographic representation in our sourcing, screening, selection, and candidate experience processes.

Pay Bands

Pay Bands

We offer transparency with pay bands for all levels within the organization because we know it’s essential to creating a fair and equitable workplace. 

WeBelong Movement

WeBelong Movement

Our in-house DEIB learning series provides educational and actionable content created by our very own team. Access the library of complimentary content.

Our Representation Today

Because representation matters, we always strive to ensure each person on our team feels represented, heard, valued, and seen. We survey our team members regularly to gain a better understanding of the representation we have as a group and to gauge how each person is feeling. We take these results into careful consideration as we make plans to move forward as an organization. We are proud of the diverse representation that encompasses our team, and we are constantly evolving how we attract, retain, and support our talent.

Stats showing livingHR Representation

This company hires people from diverse backgrounds.
All opinions are valued and shared without fear of negative consequences. 
There is transparency around the talent experience at this company (compensation, performance, promotions, etc.).
I feel like I belong at this company.
I feel respected and valued at this company.
There are clear commitments and actions being taken to advance our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) strategy throughout the company.

Our WeBelong Pledge 

We pledge to... 

Amplify the voices that need to be heard. We will unite in our wildly different personal experiences to bring together open minds and encourage innovation. We will live boldly into our truths, bringing our whole selves to our work and the team we work alongside. We will act with consideration for people, without exception, and learn from and celebrate the life stories that build our awareness and allow us to think beyond ourselves.   

We know bringing humanity to work, celebrating our differences as humans, and developing empathetic and inclusive leaders is a social impact we can create and one that will live on. 

Photos of livingHR team and CEO