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Prevent burnout and support whole-person wellbeing in your workplace.

There is a clear crisis of wellbeing at work. And livingHR is here to help.  

livingHR’s transformational full-suite wellbeing solution, WellbeingWx, is designed to actively prevent burnout and support whole-person wellbeing in your workplace. Designed for all audiences within an organization, from leaders to employees to the people function, WellbeingWx completely transforms the approach to wellbeing at work. Taking a proactive approach to wellbeing, we address what you can do while removing stigmas, preventing burnout, and effectively planning for workload capacity across teams.

livingHR’s WellbeingWx solution approaches whole-person wellbeing with five core foundational elements to support organizations and employees: Foundational Wellbeing, Belonging + Social Wellbeing, Emotional Wellbeing + Mindfulness, Physical Wellbeing, and Purposeful Work + Career Wellbeing.

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Go beyond traditional wellness benefits to help your team reach whole-person wellbeing with WellbeingWx from livingHR.  Schedule your free consultation call to learn more about how we can support you and your employees. The reality is, we spend a significant amount of our lives at work. So, let us do the work to make it a place that supports humans and their whole lives.

Key Components

Burnout Prevention

Burnout Prevention

Rooted in actionable, preventable measures, we focus on prevention to identify and address the risk factors for burnout before it occurs.

Designed for Everyone 
Designed for Everyone 
Our approach is designed for all audiences within an organization, from leaders to employees, because everyone has a role to play in promoting wellbeing.
Transformational Approach 

Transformational Approach 

Our approach differs from traditional methods because we take it from a self-care and leadership-care perspective instead of a clinical perspective.

Enhancing Wellbeing

Employer Wellbeing Diagnostic Inventory

A tool to assess which wellbeing programs are currently being offered + recommendations

Employee Wellbeing Inventory Survey

A comparison tool to analyze wellbeing programs/offerings that employees want.

Wellbeing Portal

A curation of hundreds of recommended resources and tools by role for employees, leaders, and HR functions. Includes daily workday "pauses" that give us ideas on self-care, how to focus, and reset, as well as micro-learning videos on whole-person wellbeing, compliance, and many other topics.

Wellbeing Workshops

Employee, manager, and leadership workshops for whole-person wellbeing.

Executive Summary

Customized action plans for employers with roadmaps to the future and personalized recommendations to support whole-person wellbeing for your organization and culture.

WellbeingWx Guide

A guide to creating individual Boundary Planning, Growth Plans, and daily Centering Guide.

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