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Humanized Career Transition


Humanized Career Transition

A modernized and virtual alternative to traditional outplacement.

We know your people matter to you, and we believe that all employees deserve to feel valued, respected, and cared for during difficult times. Our Humanized Career Transition is a more affordable, modernized, and virtual alternative to traditional outplacement that places employees faster. Our approach prioritizes empathy, hopefulness, and personalized support for transitioning employees.  

A personalized and modern approach to outplacement can help employees feel supported and valued throughout the transition process. By providing virtual resources and support, employees can receive the help they need, when they need it, no matter where they are located. 

Prioritizing the needs of transitioning employees can also help maintain the talent brand of the organization. By demonstrating that you care about the well-being and success of your employees, you can build trust and respect among current and future employees, which can ultimately lead to a more positive and engaged work culture.

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Did you know? Traditional “outplacement” is a service provided by employers to help employees who are laid off or made redundant due to reorg or realignment prepare to find new employment opportunities. Some of the services traditionally offered include career coaching, resume and cover letter writing assistance, job search strategies, and other forms of support to help individuals transition into new roles. livingHR's Humanized Career Transition offers what we think of as re-recruiting.

Humanizing Career Transitions

Expedited Placement
Expedited Placement
Our career transition (AKA outplacement program) is 3x faster than traditional outplacement because the focus is on recruiting and candidate sharing vs. staying outplaced.
Personalized Experience
Personalized Experience 
We assign personalized coaches and recruiters who provide one-on-one interactions, including hand-selected opportunities.
Modernized Approach
Modernized Approach
Our modern cloud-based delivery (and/or live connection) of content provides job leads and optimizes social media profiles for the job search.

Product Plans

Community Level
Free / month

For non-profits + small businesses with less than 50 employees 

Portal‍ Access to:
featured_pricing Wellbeing Resources During a Career Transition
featured_pricing Career Search Calendar with Daily Activities Plan
featured_pricing Financial Resources
featured_pricing On-Demand Workshops and Microlearning Videos
featured_pricing Resume and LinkedIn Guides and Templates
featured_pricing Interviewing 101 Guide
Personalized Level
$350 / month

A low-cost solution for +50 employees
‍*Alternative furlough content option available

Everything from the Community Plan + Workshops plus:
featured_pricing FAQs and Company-specific Information Regarding How to Access Benefits, 401(k), Rehire Eligibility, etc.
featured_pricing Job Matching Based on an Individual Profile
featured_pricing Email Support
featured_pricing Vent + Hope Channels: Opportunities to share frustration confidentially and messages of hope publicly
featured_pricing Virtual Introductory Coaching Session with Career Coach
Full-Service Level
$1000 / month

Any size organization seeking 1:1 support

Everything from the Community + Personalized Plan plus:
featured_pricing Virtual Introductory Session + Ongoing 1:1 Virtual Coaching for up to 3 Months
featured_pricing Blast to Internal Recruiters and Agencies
featured_pricing Live Resume & LinkedIn Profile Updates
featured_pricing Executive Coaching + Support

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