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Humanize Experiences


Humanize Experiences 

Transforming experiences for candidates, employees, and organizations. 

Employee experiences are the macro and micro collective moments that impact us as we move throughout our workday. These moments can be positive or negative and can significantly impact our overall satisfaction with our jobs. 

In today's competitive marketplace, companies need to do more than offer competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain top talent. They also need to create a positive and engaging employee experience. A strong employee experience can help companies attract and retain top talent, boost productivity, and improve innovation. Our Humanize Experience solution offers that to our clients. 

HR/People Teams have a significant capacity challenge today. Finding ways to automate and humanize the experience is the only way to get HR/People teams in a value-add position. 

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We know that your talent is the heart and soul of your organization. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to help you attract, engage, and retain top talent.

Humanizing the Employee Experience

Transform Experiences

Transform Experiences

We help create positive and engaging end-to-end employee experiences in every phase of the talent journey that attract and retain top talent, boost productivity, and improve innovation for candidates, employees, and organizations. In our approach, the talent journey includes the entire day-to-day experience a member of your team has and the experience they have holistically throughout their tenure.

Connect to Culture
Connect to Culture 
We partner to create a culture of engagement and belonging where employees feel valued, respected, and supported. 
Optimize + Automate Employee Experiences

Optimize + Automate Employee Experiences 

We help automate manual processes and empower leaders to create more human-centered experiences. 

Humanizing the Employee Experience

Employee Experience Mapping

Full discovery into Employee Experience and key recommendations and priorities by phase: attract, recruit, onboard, develop, reward, and transition.  

Talent Persona Mapping

Mapping of full talent persona by unique role and key capabilities.

Talent Strategy

Develop a talent strategy based on your unique culture to best attract and retain critical positions. 

Talent Brand Analysis

In-depth review of the current talent brand and recommendations from a candidate's perspective, including competitor analysis, reputation sites, job postings, competitor information, and career site.

Talent Communities

A Talent Community is a potential candidate pipeline pool that follows your talent brand—for example, alum groups, upcoming college grads, or people that aren’t necessarily ready to apply.

Candidate Experience

We evaluate the attract and hire experience from a candidate lens. Provide tools and training to the organization's internal TA teams to ensure they use inclusive recruitment practices.

Employee Service

We optimize employee service, employee relations, ticketing, and care processes and practices to create ease, security, and a well-designed human-centered approach to employee care.

Onboarding Strategy

A full onboarding strategy development customized to your employee experience, goals, and company culture, including stakeholder listening sessions.

Performance Strategy and Experience Development

Beyond annual reviews that don't drive performance—full performance strategy development customized to your employee experience, goals, and company culture.

Total Rewards + Compensation Consulting

Discovery into current total rewards offerings, including document discovery, wellbeing inventory, and stakeholder listening session.

Full-service compensation support, from market analysis, building pay structures, equity analysis and developing your Compensation Strategy.

Customized Benefits Guide

Custom benefits guide, including design and content development.

Benefits Explainer Video

Benefits explainer videos for common benefits terminology and customized videos are also available.


Customized projects using our WellbeingWx products to ensure your organization is effectively supporting whole-person wellbeing.

Work Design Readiness Assessment + Strategy – Virtual, Hybrid, In-Office

Full strategy and recommendations based on Work Design Assessment. Discovery into remote/hybrid work design. Includes survey, focus groups, and key recommendations by group.

Exit + Transition Survey and Process

Support with gathering information on exit survey data.

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