Build A Thriving Culture

Talent Acquisition

Where talent triumphs.

The heart and soul of any organization are its people. The people in your organization contribute to the overall success of the business, so it’s critical to invest in good practices to not only nurture and embrace your existing talent but to attract top talent whose skills and values align with those of your organization – now and in the future.


It’s about the right fit.

We believe in illuminating your value proposition as a great place to work to both potential candidates as well as internally with current employees. The more we can understand your organization’s culture and business strategies, the better we can communicate this with external talent and attract candidates who are the right fit.

Our Approach

RightFit™ Recruiting, is our culture-centric approach to finding our client top-talent. Our consultants work with you, your leadership, and your managers to find the right candidate. We’re savvy with technologies, social media outlets, sourcing techniques screening tools and assessments, and while other recruiters may send hundreds of resumes, we may send 2-3 great talents. Our focus is to help you identify the RightFit™ to support your workplace. We don’t just recruit; we build employer brands.

RightFit™ Recruiting

We have an uncanny ability to match people with the right careers and ideal workplace culture.

Our RightFit Recruiting™ process is not traditional in the slightest. We’ve found that our network, tools, and deep understanding of our clients’ workplace culture is what set us apart.

Our model and approach starts with a Culture and Employer Value Proposition feedback assessment to gauge who would be the “right fit” for your team.

Talent Community & Strategic Sourcing

Engage potential candidates and build a talent pipeline.

Sourcing the passive candidates you need now, and on your bench in the future that fit with your culture is our niche. Our strategic sourcing solutions are scoped custom to save you excess agency fees.

The entire notion of creating on-demand, mobile, and relatively informal talent communities is increasingly becoming the best way to engage passive candidates, and to create a means for organizations to build a pipeline of qualified talent when you need it. It is also a great way to ensure you can engage followers that understand your organization pre-employement, and self-select in to your organization to join. Pushing meaningful content, learning opportunities, etc. out to your talent community ensures that you will have a more fully engaged new joiner as of day one, and another vehicle to show off your talent brand. Social media now allows the candidates to not only get to know the culture of your organization but also allows them to get to you know your people, and imagine themselves working there.


Comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing.

livingHR partners with the leading RPO firms in the county to bring you comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services are designed to help you attract, recruit and retain the professionals you need to drive business growth. Their proven methodology, based on best practices that have been tested globally, provides a high-touch approach during every step of the recruitment process, from the beginning stages of sourcing through to the conclusion of onboarding.

Executive Recruiting

Finding the right leaders for your team.

Leadership requirements continue to evolve, but the need for high-performing executives remains constant. Identifying and attracting this talent requires a rigorous approach, a thorough understanding of different industries and functional roles, unrivaled access to senior executives and impeccable judgment.

Talent Strategy & Planning

Align talent management to drive optimal levels of success.

Executives and HR management have always been focused on basic talent management—acquiring, hiring and retaining talented employees. But, to drive optimal levels of success, business leaders need engaged, high-performing employees. The key to inciting a workforce to greatness is to align your talent management with company strategy.

Candidate Assessments

Finding out if the candidate is the right fit for the job.

Though it may seem that selecting talent would be easy in the present climate, hiring managers have their work cut out for them with many more résumés to weed through. Assessment tests, when used as part of the hiring process, provide employers with an effective way of deciding which candidates are the most qualified for a specific job.

Success Profiles

Go beyond the traditional job description for the right fit.

Creating success profiles goes well beyond traditional job descriptions to ensure you are able to support your talent strategy and target your sourcing efforts to the exact right person. Conducting an analysis of current top-performers or ideal candidate profiles ensure you don’t settle for who meets the minimum qualifications, and instead attract the right fit.

Applicant Tracking Systems

The right solution is a critical component to attract top talent.

Applicant Tracking Systems are now turning more towards Recruiting Software capable of much more than the traditional Applicant Tracking Systems of the past. Having an engaging, mobile experience with real recruitment analytics, sourcing tools, and pre-employment tools to make data-driven hiring decisions are now critical to attract top talent. In addition to choosing the right technology, creating a compelling career portal touts your employer value proposition and talent brand.

Candidate Karma™ (Candidate Care)

Our philisophy in treating candidates to support your employer brand.

We coined the term Candidate Karma because the philosophy candidate care just didn’t do the trick. Candidate Karma goes a step further in that it defines how you treat your candidates, and how it will come back to you in reputation. Candidates who are treated right, and cared for go tell their friends. Candidates who are treated poorly, are are not cared for or thoughtfully communicated to will also go tell their friends. Our approach to Candidate Karma ensure our own candidates and our client’s candidates receive the red carpet treatment.