Build A Thriving Culture

Organizational Development

Designing your future.

Discovery is also at the heart of organizational development — discovering leverage points, strengths, and potential among organizations, teams, and individuals. Successful organizational development (OD) is collaborative and future-oriented. Through OD, organizations can improve effectiveness, achieve goals, build capacity, and creatively manage challenges and change.

livingHR focuses on developing the structures, systems, processes, and people within the organization through a variety of activities, including organizational assessments, executive and employee development and coaching, mediation and conflict resolution, operational review and process improvement, retreat planning and facilitation, strategic and operational planning, team development and facilitation, and customized training.


Leadership Development

Get the most from your leadership development plan.

Identifying the employees best suited for leadership can be tricky, and theories vary on how to best identify those candidates within your organization. While leadership training can potentially benefit every employee, some positions will only result in a small revenue bump for the whole organization while other positions can garner a huge return. livingHR can help develop and align your leadership development plan with your corporate strategy.

New Leader Assimilation

Make a long lasting impact with new leader assimilation.

Whether a leader is joining or receiving a promotion organizations must assimilate to the leadership culture at their organization quickly. Getting to know the team’s capabilities and strengths through data collection/assessments and facilitating a Q&A for the new team has long lasting impact the relationships between the leader and their new team. It sets a foundation for a successful working relationship and opens communication early. Creating a true learning program for new leaders will help to create a functional team dynamic and a shorter ramp time.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Developing your leaders for the future.

It is evident that a balance of mentoring and coaching is important to overall leadership success. Both approaches used together will significantly strengthen the development of our future leaders, our organizations, and our communities.

Organizational Design

Get the most from your leadership development plan.

As CEOs look to stay ahead of these trends, they recognize the need to change their organization’s design. But for that redesign to succeed, a company must make its changes as effectively and painlessly as possible, in a way that aligns with its strategy, invigorates employees, builds distinctive capabilities, and makes it easier to attract customers. livingHR can help align your organization to your business strategy.

Career Path & Matrix

Build the right ladder.

Opportunity is a primary driver in retaining top talent. The path to retaining top talent is often found in how organizations communicate the opportunities available to employees. Taking the time to document and communicate “Guru” technical, horizontal career tracks are equally, if not more important than just demonstrating the corporate ladder. Designing career lattices that visually communicate the options that are available to prospective and incumbent talent has proven a reason high-performing talent remains loyal. It is still critical to identify High-Potentials (HiPos) who should take the leadership track from high-performers who should have the ability to hit different levels and move about the organization.

Learning & Development

Learning never stops.

Learning never stops and connecting it to business results leads to organizational wins. If the Leadership team does not see the value in training and development, it’s no surprise when employees don’t either. What we know about how people learn at work is going through an evolution, but what is clear is that those organizations that are effective at development perform up to 25% better than their peers are 29% more committed, and are up to 40% more likely to stay with their organization.

Succession Planning

Ensure your long-term talent plan.

The right leaders, with the right skills, at the right time, to fuel organizational growth. That’s the ultimate goal of any succession planning and talent process. We create workforces that utilize performance development plans in a non-traditional way via stretch assignments, encouraging job rotations, providing coaching and mentorship to prepare employees for new responsibilities and to ensure the organization is capable of achieving their mission. Given the talent gaps we all face, identifying high-potential talent is a must for organizations today. It is one of the few ways to ensure your long-term talent planning and bench strength.