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HR Foundation & Technology

Work smarter not harder.

livingHR can help strategically integrate effective HR processes, workflows, programs and practices into your daily operations. Maximizing performance by introducing HR best practice products or services as well providing periodic feedback to help meet your objectives. Creating a more efficient HR function within your organization allows your team to focus on core business functions and spend more time on strategic development and execution.


HR is evolving, in practice, to become a strategic partner of a business. Technology can alleviate much of this through things like data analytics, employee self-service and finding ways for employees to be more social and collaborate. Not only does this free up HR to focus more strategically, but this also drives employee engagement and an improvement in productivity, critical to driving business success. The chosen system should deliver tools that map throughout an entire Talent Lifecycle™ from ‘hire to retire’.


Human capital and talent management technologies have evolved to being social, cloud and mobile based. There is a significant value in the type of talent analytics these solutions provide. Managers, non-managers, and executives all utilize HR technologies along with your HR team, and using the right tools can make a positive impact on the employees and the business.

Let us be your strategic partner.

livingHR understands the demands you have as an HR professional to automate manual HR processes and has the expertise to help leverage the right tools for your organization. We can also drive the implementation process of most leading solutions in the market to ensure strong adoption and a great talent experience for your organization.

PEO/Insurance Broker Partnership Review

Ensuring you have the right partners.

With all that is in play with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)/Obamacare,etc. having the right resources in place to manage reporting requirements, plan design, and compliance is critical. We are broker agnostic but believe there is a right for everyone. Our RFP management solutions are great aids in ensuring you have the right partners. Whether you are looking to come off of a PEO or onto a PEO we have the resources to get you to the right solution. Of note, we are not a PEO provider, but do have the resources to help you onboard or off board from a PEO. We remain vendor/PEO/broker agnostic to help you find the right solutions fit for you.

HR Compliance Resources

Keeping you up-to-date with employment laws.

We leverage best in class tools and knowledge databases to ensure our clients are kept up to date with employment laws. Automating compliance and leveraging resources to move compliance efficiently out of the way allow us all to focus more on strategic efforts and delivering value to your organization.

HR Infrastructure/Shared Services

Transform your organization with our shared services.

Organizations today are realigning their HR function to better be able to support the business needs by taking the manual repetitive processes, into a shared service center model for large organizations enables cost reduction through centralized HR structure, demand management, outsourcing, resource mix, and systems. This approach often involves an HR Business Partner model that yields better engagement and improves talent management programs and creates centers of excellence. Our solutions and team are available whether you need to transform your HR organization into Shared Services or simply realign to meet the demands of agile organizations.

HR Compliance Review

Take a close-up look at your policies and procedures.

Our 190 point compliance review allows us to take a close-up look at your policies and procedures to promote a compliant HR function. We take into consideration organizational size, multi-state, and all employment laws and record keeping practices such as; Title VII of 1964 and 1991, FMLA, ADAAA, FLSA, COBRA, ERISA, ACA, PDA, NLRA, and Lily Ledbetter.

Organizational Assessment

Get on the road to organizational success with assessments.

Our Organizational and Individual Assessment Surveys are aimed to identify organizational and individual strengths, culture, and opportunities to bring to light challenges that face your organization with the intent of appreciating the good. The ultimate goal is to capture how to best attract, engage, and retain talent while positively impacting your bottom-line.

Talent Management/HR Technology Assessment & Implementation

Don’t let the disruption slow you down.

There is incredible disruption in the Talent Management/HCM space.  Our team proactively finds and optimizes best-in-class technology that will help our clients attract and engage their passive and active  candidates as well as their current team.  We build an employee experience at every touch point/login that reflects your culture and talent brand. Our implementation teams can implement, project manage entire large scale conversions or by module.

HR or Legal Support Hotline

On-demand answers to your HR or Legal questions.

We offer clients HR and/or Legal Hotline questions and answers via email or phone. For guidance around employee relations issues, terminations, wage and hour matters— our partners provide you with the guidance you need on-demand. * Legal representation or review/drafting of legal agreements is not included.