Build A Thriving Culture

Culture & Strategy

Elevate your culture.

Culture and engagement are the two most critical issues organizations face in today’s always changing environment. Leaders, however, often underestimate the impact culture can have on business performance. Culture is crucial to business success. livingHR’s philosophy is that culture is always on. Therefore, leaders must actively and consciously work to shape their organization’s culture in a way that supports engagement and drives towards business goals.


Culture is always on.

It is important for every organization to understand not only the current culture but also the culture the organization aspires to have. In some cases, it may be a lofty idea based on what senior leaders believe they can be; in other instances, it may be a strategy to get back to a culture that was lost after the company grew and imported other talent and therefore, cultures, into the organization. In any case, it is critical to have a solid understanding of organizational culture to ensure the efficacy of the talent strategy and implementation.

Employee engagement is vital to the bottom line and performance of organizations. Engaged employees are productive employees that believe in the mission and vision of the organization. Engaged employees put out a higher quality of work, and have a lower turnover rate. Therefore, there are fewer worker’s compensation claims, and there are fewer call-outs for illness.

We can help.

livingHR’s holistic approach to organizational culture is highly collaborative and requires full top-level leadership commitment and involvement. We help to identify how deeply rooted their organization’s values are and where there may be subcultures. We also help them to see how employees perceive the impact culture has on commitment, engagement, and productivity.

At livingHR, we conduct real-time engagement and culture pulse surveys to gain a comprehensive understanding of the employee viewpoint, and what pressing issues may not be visible to management. From the data we collect, we develop custom solutions designed to target the areas deemed most critical to employees. We also work with directly with leadership, marketing, HR, and employees at all levels to develop successful solutions that can be embedded in everyday practices.

Healthy and productive organizations that attract and retain top talent are the key to success in any business. livingHR makes leaders aware of how their hiring decisions and strategy impact the overall health of their organization and helps them in creating a framework for positive progress on their journey toward the ultimate organizational culture.

Culture Assessment & Development

Every organization has a culture. It’s the heartbeat of your business – the unspoken way that employees interact and get things done. You need to trust that your business’ culture will move employee actions in the right direction. livingHR’s cultural assessment and development program will help provide a map of today’s culture against tomorrow’s requirements for growth.

Employment Brand

You can no longer rely only on recruitment advertising to attract candidates.

With clear signs that the competition for talent is becoming more challenging, many organizations are duly turning their attention to strengthening their employer brands. Given our new world of social transparency, organizations can no longer afford to rely on recruitment advertising alone to build a positive employer brand image. With employee advocacy growing more important, employer reputations will ultimately depend on the consistent values and vitality of their organizational cultures.

Employer Value Proposition

Great talent is won by companies who live and promote a strong employer value proposition.

A true understanding and depiction of your employer value proposition is critical to attracting the right cultural fit for your organization. It is the foundation of your talent brand and social recruitment strategy. It is what differentiates you from every other company. When articulated correctly it gives a narrative around why talent joins your organization, why they show up each day, and why they stay. To understand your EVP, you need to collect real insights from your current and prospective talent base (roundtables, focus groups, culture walks, review of survey data), and work with creative to design a compelling case as to why your candidates and employees should choose you as their employer. The EVP creates an agreement between the employer and their people that sets the tone for the exchange of work for reward.

Strategic Alignment

Know you are aligned and prepared for future growth.

Whatever key business purpose and business strategy your company emphasizes; customer intimacy, technology optimization, cost optimization or disruptive innovation; workplace practices must reflect and actively drive behaviors to deliver on that purpose and strategy and your corresponding market positioning. livingHR can help you dive deep into what your future needs will be.

Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusive culture has far reaching benefits.

Creating an inclusive culture has far reaching benefits in both organizational effectiveness and bottom line impact. In order to create this type of inclusive culture we must face the organization’s biases and how they influence behavior and decisions. Clearly demonstrating our values throughout the entire candidate and talent experience and articulating it in every phase of the Talent LifeCycle™ makes an inclusive culture genuine not just for show. It is also imperative to identify cultural attributes which will contribute to or be barriers for change. As with most initiatives, we must also gain full commitment from Senior Leaders is critical in driving this change for a successful.