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Where talent triumphs

livingHR is a Human Capital and Talent Experience Consulting Firm where talent triumphs. Our innovative solutions build strong employment brands that attract, engage, and retain the talent that aligns with your culture.  We automate compliance and business process to enhance employee and candidate experience, in order to create a high-performance organization.

At livingHR, our specialty is finding a unique harmony between your prized workforce and your long-term business goals. We started with a small handful of clients, and a big belief (backed by research of course) that engaged employees result in higher productivity and financial performance. It wasn’t long before word of our talent management strategies and their high impact on local businesses spread—we haven’t looked back since.

What makes us... us

We live what we promote and we ensure our work lives on.

We believe HR should be a partner to the business.

We work to inspire your people to do purpose-driven work while elevating your culture and talent brand. 

We harness technology – no paper pushers here.

We are scalable team of HR experts that you can plug and play to fit your needs.

We work with you to integrate talent/HR solutions that are aligned to your company’s culture and strategy.

We are compliance-minded but strategy-driven.

We are believers in community and giving back.

We actually DO the work; we don’t just tell you what needs to get done.

We start HR Revolutions!  

What we believe...


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Our Purpose

To create a culture where talent and organizations thrive.

Our Culture

Our team is driven to not just provide service but also to make a difference. We always look to be better. In order to be better, we ask a lot of questions, encourage thoughtful mistakes in the spirit of learning, leverage each other’s strengths, find great partners, and embrace every bit of useful technology we can get our hands-on.

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